Sunday, February 8, 2009

Al Safa Restaurant

Looking for more Middle Eastern adventures, I wandered down 5th. Ave and stumbled upon Al Safa restuarant. This corner spot is Lebanese and boasts pictures of the country under the counter. The distinction at Al Safa are the tiny pies baked here(pictured above). Lahmajeen with ground meat, onion, green pepper, tomato and spices, the ubiquitous spinach pie as well as pizza looking pies. I tried the cheese pie which is small with edges darkly baked with mozzarella cheese and spices in the middle.
Dishes of tiny roasted potatoes with lemon and spices and fried eggplant were among the appetizers. I also ordered the deep fried cauliflower which were juicy deep fried vegetables and the Lebanese garlic sauce. Different from Turkish it is a billowy fully potent garlic sauce which went perfectly with the cauliflower. The mini cheese pie was delish and the cheese tasted feta like. Other stews viewed while a middle eastern woman ordered looked great as well. Bathroom in basement.
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