Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mambo Open Book Cafe

A cafe on the steps of the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, I attended the opening ceremony with Mr. Brooklyn himself, Marty Markowitz. As Marty said,"It doesn't get better than this." The owner is local restauranteur Spencer Rothchild. This cafe is brilliant Brooklyn p.r. and a great place to hang, chew, chat and sip while overlooking Prospect Park.
The food is Latin inspired as Spencer owns the yummy Barrio and Playa in Park Slope proper. We munched on lobster sliders served on a soft roll($8.75) which were yum. Mexican inspired hummos served with flatbread was also very tasty. Sweet, chocolatey brownies finish the yummy flavors served. Beer and wine will be served as well.

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Rachel B. said...

You are making my mouth and tongue want to do bad, bad things!!!