Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lot 2

Bland, interior except for some carved wood beamed ceilings and the requisite exposed brick lead to a restaurant where the food and ingredients rule. New Brooklyn cuisine is expertly represented. Passionate people from the waitress to the owners asked what we thought and it showed in the food. Rolls from Sullivan Street bakery with butter start the service. The menu is made of of smaller dishes, reminicent of Prune on the LES. We ordered two dishes to share. The steamed clams with roasted tomato, fresh chilies and garlic bread was a flavor burst for $13 bangers. The other dish of olive oil poached cod, melted leeks and white beans was also fresh flavor popping good for $19. Melt in your mouth cod, with flavorful beans and leeks was a lovely combo. Dessert of cheesecake with almonds and blueberries was next. There were only 3 dessert choices and one was peach ice and the other chocolate pudding with candied peanuts, we went with the cheesecake. The dessert was a small round cheesecake with crunchy slithered almonds on top which added a nice crunch and yummy blueberries cooked with sugar.

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