Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Capsouto Freres

Perfection personified in the soaring space of this classic Tribecca bistro. We having been eating at Capsouto on and off for years to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. Brunch is a treat here and has remained consistently great as the brothers Capsouto keep a keen eye on quality in and out of the kitchen. At a brunch to celebrate my friend Mark's birthday, we sat overlooking the soaring space and were presented with the familiar warm rolls, house made orange and pear preserves with pretty butter. There is a prix fix brunch of $29 which includes a starter, entree and dessert. My starter of mushroom soup was very rich, full of mushrooms and delish. The main of salmon with a cream sauce, rice with carrots and broccoli was tasty. Mark's main of pasta with shrimp and scallops in a creamy sauce is yummy. One word about service, it does not get any better and servers are well trained and super professional. Now for the dessert. Souffles are a specialty here and I asked for a combo of chocolate and raspberry- I asked and they created. My chocolate souffle with raspberry sauce was tdf. Mark's housemade chocolate chip ice-cream served in a crispy baked shell with real and candied fruit was also delish.

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BrooklynJewBu said...

I enjoyed reading your review but your French needs a bit of correction. There's only one R in Freres. (2 but one at a time).
good to see your keeping it up with great reviews.