Thursday, September 17, 2009

La Fusta

Oh, La Fusta, restaurante authentico Argentino, across from the busy Elmhurst hospital. Love your old school interior and meat-centric menu. Went here Sunday with our Queens food group for some meat love. Soft bread and garlicky chimichurri like sauce on the tables starts the feast. Many of us ordered appetizers. My empanada of chicken was flaky and flavorful. Around the table, the morcilla(blood sausage) was very tasty and the meat empanada was also super authentic. The meat arrived next, and oh the oooohs and ahs. I ordered the short ribs with spinach. You can order french fries, or mashed or veggies. My dish of three huge short ribs was nothing short of perfection. Perfectly salted and cooked these were succulent, meaty marvels. A large serving of garlicky spinach went very well with the meat. Many at the table had meat envy as the ribs were clearly so incredibly tasty. The skirt steak was also perfectly cooked and was quite good. This Argentine perfection does not come cheap and the meat dishes start at about $14 dollars. The hood is a cultural experience in itself with ladies selling large pots of tasty tamales and the dulce de leche I bought on the street for $2 was some of the best I have tasted outside of Argentina.

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