Monday, September 28, 2009


Mouthwatering food in a speakeasy setting, located behind a clandestine unmarked entrance on the south side of Williamsburg on a decidedly unglamorous block. Large, retro space with tinned ceiling as many spaces are decorated in this de riguer in the "burg." On a Saturday night in the interior many women dressed up in cocktail dresses joined the upscale hipsters for dinner. Firstly, service here is a bit confusing and no bread arrives unless requested. Otherwise, the food is mouthwatering, innovative and just plain delicious. We started with grilled asparagus with preserved lemon. Warm and comforting with a hint of balsamic reduction on the top. My main was the short rib sandwich(pictured at left). Wow! Juicy meat soaking up the soft roll and topped with horse radish slaw and served with fresh pickles- delish as well as being one of the best bargains on the menu at $8.
For dessert we shared the hot, fresh fried donuts with vanilla ice-cream and as well as a steamed lemon cake with fresh berries. Super duper!
Must Go!

247 South 1st St.
Bklyn, NY 11221

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