Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Vesta is a corner trattoria/wine bar in the far reaches of Astoria and it is worth the trek from the 30th Street N train station. Our Queens group arrived at 6:15 on Sunday when it was empty and quiet and by the time we left at 8:30 it was packed. The friendly waiters brought over nice bread and olive oil to start. What sets Vesta apart is the interesting menu. Lots of interesting pasta dishes and the Sunday special of three meat lasagna(veal, pork & beef) for $15 was the big draw for me. Two of us ordered the meatball appetizer(pictured above) which was two tasty meatballs in a intense/red/winey saurce. For the main, I ordered the Sunday special lasagna served up in a ceramic baking dish(very rustic). Absolutely rich, meaty, cheasy and delish.
The side of garlicky Russian kale with smashed cannelini beans was the perfect compliment. Their internet touted Baby Jesus cake which is simply a date cake surrounded by toffee and homemade whipped cream was a happy ending to a perfectly lovely meal. Wines were quite good according to the group.

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