Thursday, May 6, 2010


Situated on the far west of Chelsea, down the block from clubland, Ovest was devoid of the club kids when we ate there on Sunday night. Actually devoid of all diners when we first got there about 6PM. Never having ate at Luzzo's I was pizza curious and satisfied upon leaving. A big, square albeit odd space on this deserted block we sat down at a four top and ordered. Starting with fritto misto, and fried artichokes, they were both delicous. The seafood($10) was fried to perfection and tasty, tasty with a slightly spicy red sauce. I particularly enjoyed the artichokes which were also perfectly fried and delish. The pizza maker took great pride in creating the pie- an alessandro/arugula combination as we updated the arugula with fresh cherry tomatoes the restaurant added an open table fee to our bill for it. Also on the pie was fresh procuitto creating a nice smoky taste. The pie was perfect and tasted of green, and red almost like an Italian flag.

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