Monday, August 23, 2010

Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl features food by the Blue Ribbon restaurant people and it is a draw to visit thes Billyburg bowling/performance space. Huge, and arty, with an uber cool vibe, we started with dinner in the smallish eating area sitting at a communal counter with stools. We started with the cornbread with local peach butter- crunchy, seasoned cornbread sticks with delish peach butter. Smoked barbecued wings were also super tasty. The much touted fried chicken plate for $17 stocked some dissappointing chicken. Not particularly seasoned or with substantial crunch the bird was boring. The sides of smoky collards with mashed potatoes with gravy were the better of what was on the plate. Service ranged from lacksadasical to plain snotty. Bowling for two plus a beer, egg cream and shoes was $59.98. Lanes are cool looking, but short in length.
Slow go!

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