Monday, August 23, 2010

M Wells

A restored diner in Long Island City kinda sitting in the middle of nowwhere though down the block from the Hunter's Point #7 station. This spot rocks. Some treasured booths at the window and very friendly service, this spot is only open for breakfast and lunch during the week for now. The owners who hail from Quebec have created a delectable menu and food to boot. Reasonable prices for the tone of the food- I loved it. I had the Crab, egg and potato hash with creamed corn and hollandaise which was $12. I watched the chef sprinkle some cracked pepper on my dish before serving and this was absolutely perfect. A wild strawberry shake created with frozen custard from Timmy O's in Corona and wild strawberries for $6 was super. I took a homemade chocolate chip cookie with walnuts for $1 to go and this cookie was firstrate. For my second foray to M Wells I had the tortilla espanola with smoked ham and green beans for $7. Cooked to perfection with a little olive oil and toasted baguette. In four trips to Spain, I have not tasted a more flavorfull tortilla Espanola. My chocolate, strawberry and banana shake(made to order) was bliss. A hot dog with sweet bacon chili and slaw is a bargain at $5 and the Quebec style buckwheat crepes at $4 sound super duper.

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Love M. Wells too!