Friday, October 8, 2010

Hill Country Chicken

The new outpost of chicken opened by the very successful Hill Country Barbecue people is a mixed bag of chicken. Kitschy, cute retro decor and value priced, alacarte eating make it a fun destination. The food is another story. Having eaten there twice- 2nd time on a gift certificate, I am not a fan of the skin on chicken. Looking dark and tasty- it is seasonless and crunchless. It tastes almost baked. The skinless chicken has somewhat more crunch. The sides are another matter- cheesy mashed is spyicy, cheesey comfort food deliciousness. The blistered corn is decent. The pies are small and delish- tried the banana cream and double cherry.
You could eat a meal plus dessert for under $20, which isn't over the hill.
SLOW GO! Broadway at 25th. Street

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