Sunday, October 17, 2010

Peter Luger's Steakhouse

The grand dame of steakhouses in New York is in Williamsburg Brooklyn where it has been for over 100 years. Cash, debit or Peter Luger's cards only here. You must be a carnivore here as the meat is the star of the show. My friend and I ordered jumbo shrimp, and a thick slab of bacon to start. The shrimp were jumbo and juicy served with homememade cocktail sauce which tasted like Luger sauce with horseradish. The rolls here are super fresh and tasty. Now for the main event- we ordered the Porterhouse medium rare and it was a beautiful sight. Perfectly cooked, super tender, a great American steak. American steaks are a little underseasoned to my palate sometimes and this steak features the flavor of the meat, without alot of salt or seasoning like some South American style steaks. The onion rings to accompany were delish. For dessert we went with the hot fudge sundaes. When I asked the waiter(friendly by Luger standards) where the ice-cream was made he said Haagen Daz. Luger's has a formula and doesn't deviate which is suprising with all the great homemade ice-cream around. Still quite satisfying even with Haagen Daz.
If you are craving some great American beef and have the bucks to shell out, this is the place.


Anonymous said...

Yum- my inner carnivore is coming out.

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