Thursday, February 24, 2011


A doughnut pilgrimage to Bed-Stuy in the wee hours of the morning is not as far-fetched as it sounds if you love doughnuts. This bakery/doughnut plant makes baked goods for it's retail as well as other establishments in an open kitchen. Perched on the corner of Franklin and Lafayette it is a welcome sign to early morning hunters of a great breakfast. Stumptown coffe is served here along with just baked donuts showcased on the small counter. All doughnuts are $2 and with flavors like chocolate with chocolate nibs, dulce de leche with almonds and nutella filled- you are likely to encounter just the doughnut for you. All yeast all the time. We started with the chocolate covered with chocolate nibs- this doughnut was slathered in fresh chocolate and messy to eat and absolute doughnut nirvana. The coffee was killer and the hot chocolate $2.50 for a molten lava blend of several was absolute dark and delish. I took home the nutella filled and another chocolate as the freshness and absolute doughnut magic I wanted to bring home. G train to Classon Ave. 1 block walk to Franklin.


Anonymous said...

Been there. Great little store in a nice spot bad service.. & Trust me when i say BAD service!

Anonymous said...

Looking for something sweet, Ill try it out..