Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Rooster Harlem

Red Rooster is a hopping, happening Harlem hotspot. Complete with a big, beautiful bar this spot is a scene from the moment you enter through a velvet curtain. Hosts with attitude greet or don't greet you and you won't get a table without a reservation unless your name is Clinton or Obama. That being said there are 18 seats at three communal tables next to the bar and there I sat and consumed a fine meal. Ok, bread with exotically spiced chickpea dip arrives first. I ordered the Fried yard bird($21), sweet potatoes with maple bacon($8) and a frosty malted choclate for dessert($8). The two big pieces of chicken are fried darkly and exotically spiced over collards, white mace sauce and hot sauce plus a shake of spices and the chicken is tasty. The whipped sweets with maple bacon are super delicious- bacon makes everything better. The frosty malted chocolate served with house made creme fraiche and pieces of malted milk balls is an orgasmic dessert.

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Anonymous said...

Holding you xox Cooking 4 you xoxo eating with you xoxo Spanding time with you was so lovely ... May you have a bless life....