Saturday, July 23, 2011


Holy Pizza Batgirl! This family owned pizzeria has been family owned and operated since 1924. A fire below the pizza oven a while back shut down the operation though much of the original pressed tin ceilings and walls in the dining room remained intact. One comes for the great Napolitana pizza and I have came here since I was a kid. It is the two booths and old timey feel that transport you back to when Coney was a small town of bungalows and summer day tripperrs. The service is to the point. Pizza is served on styrofoam and it deserves better. You have two pizza size options small and large- small is $16.50 and large is $19.50. Toppings are $2.50. We had a large plain and a small extra cheese- both pictured. The pizza has the freshest of crusts with a slightly sweet/salty taste. Perfectly darkly baked in the 1000 degree oven- this is the NY pizza that defines the ideal NY pizza with it's Naples roots. Cheese, crust, sauce, flavor are all spot on.

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Rachel said...

Absolute torture! I can't take it, the summer will not be complete without my tasting these Brooklyn treasures!!