Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chinatown Brasserrie

Sumptous Chinese plus dim sum spot in a lofty space with Chinese banquets and lots of red lamps. Once seated you can order any and all off the menu- no carts, though this food is super fresh and thoughtfully prepared. Soups include wonton, corn/egg drop with lobster both tasty and wontons are super duper tasty/fresh. We ordered Peking duck, classic egg rolls, shrimp and mango rolls plus dumplings made with bok choy and mushrooms. A feast. Each dish was soooo good. The half Peking duck($20) arrived with the requisite shredded cucumber and pancakes with oyster sauce. Classic egg rolls were fresh fried and full of big size veggies- yum! Pricey yes, but a posh choice for a fun lunch or dim sum. Lovely loos for the ladies.

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