Monday, September 19, 2011

The John Dory Oyster Bar

Kitchy seafood decor and a prime corner in the Ace Hotel Complex, the John Dory found a home after a shortlived time on 10th Ave. Some of the food here is inspired like the cremy, complex, corn, clam, and potato soup with spicy chorizo(crostini) and the lovely lobster roll with the skinniest shoestring potatoes. Yummy, warm, buttery Parker rolls are good for chowing and dipping. The freshest seafood(oysters) also rocks out with fresh horseradish and great sauces. The crudo with Kaffir lime was underseasoned and underwhelming. The shooters of crab and avocado are tasty though for $7 are miniscule. Desserts are also not sensational- vanilla sundae with raspberry was good as was chocolate mouse with butterscotch cream, but none were mindblowing. Very expensive with subpar service.

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