Sunday, October 9, 2011

Le Paddock

Opening in the long closed, yet locally iconic Lauras was a great move from the beginning. Decorated in Brooklyn farmhouse charm, Le Paddock offers an eclectic menu with alot of value. The restaurant boasts a wood fired oven which creates to start, an amazing house baked bread, chewey slightly salty and delicious. Mains range from $10 for moule/frites to $20 for a NY Strip. I had the oven made salmon with ratatouile for $16 and an order of potato daphinois for $5. The food arrives unremarkably presented though speaks volumes in flavor. Salmon is presented skin side up and is moist and flavorful. Ratatouile is authentic and a lovely side as is the thin classic, cheesey potatoes. Too full on the bread for dessert, I will definitely be back.
Prospect Ave. @ Reeve Pl.


Mareike said...

I've been to Le Paddock three times now and won't go back. First visit: the waiter could not explain the cheeses or the wines. Second visit: almost unbearably smoky air thanks to a wood-burning oven that lacks ventilation; instead of a booster seat for our toddler we were given a grimy old plastic seat that's made for bathtub use; the service and timing were poor (those of us who had ordered kitchen entrees got their food a good 15 minutes before the pizzas for the others were served); the chicken/orzo dish that one if us had was soggy and mushy. My third and final visit (a date night): the air quality was even worse than the previous time; a conversation was almost impossible because of the noise level (the volume of the music was not turned down even after I'd asked for it -- and even the waiter misunderstood my drink order); the "homemade" bread tasted like toasted baguette; the service was confusing (too many people are involved in waiting one table); and the "juicy salmon served skin-side up" was completely overcooked, there was no skin, and the ratatouille was as mushy as the chicken dish we'd ordered last time had been.

Le Paddock wants to be something it is not (and certainly charges the prices it could charge if it actually were that place). Three tries were enough for me. Le Paddock's Pizza Forestiere with truffle oil is delicious, but it just doesn't make up for all of the place's failings.

j. Anderson said...

I don't think they are trying to be something they are not nor do I think their prices are unreasonable. basic and quite boring sandwiches nearby cost 10 so for a real meal no way are they out of line. I am enjoying this place and go all the time and appreciate how friendly and involved the owners are. they always ask me how everything is and seem to genuinely care aout making their customers happy. the food is really good and generous portions. burger is amazing and nice wine selection. I am thrilled to have Le Paddock as my neighbor! Keep being what you are!