Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bien Cuit

This high end bakery was opened by Le Bec Fin bread baking alums is one of amazing quality and prices to match. Bien Cuit means well done and their breads are done to a beautiful color. That said some of the loaves run to $8. but they do sell half loaves a very key concept. The space is open and generous with bakery elves bringing fresh baked goods to the front for display. Classics like croissants will set you back $3. I bought a half a country white for $4, chocolate chip bread cookies, and teeny linzer like cookies for $.50 each. The linzer like cookie dark with high quality raspberry jam was the best this side of Salzburg. The bread is formidable and well cared for from yeast to oven. If you crave top notch restaurant quality at matching prices this spot is for you. 120 Smith St.

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