Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Cardinal

The Cardinal is a newish, North Carolina restaurant in the East Village. A cozy duplex with exposed brink and a funky setting for some slammin' Southern eats. I went for brunch which was surprisingly empty given the high quality of the food, or not so surprising in the East Village where quantity and booze reign over quality. I went for the smothered fried pork chop with eggs and grits $16. I was asked if I wanted cheese on the eggs and grits and of course I said yes- I was later charged $2 extra for the cheese. No matter, when the food is this good. The pork chop arrives beautifully fried sitting in a bed of gravy with espresso in it. Eggs, cheesy and fried the way I asked plus the cheesy grits with some pepper on top. Oh and a housecured piece of bacon. Add to the mega flavor on the plates two types of housemade barbecue sauce. One that is mustard base kicks it all up a notch as if the food can be kicked up any higher.
Looked at someone's sweet potato pancakes and cannot wait to come back here for more.

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Anonymous said...

I tryed it out good stuff..