Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Parm the quintessential NY description of eggplant, chicken or meatball parmigiana satisfies with old school recipes revisited. The setting a lunch counter with wallpaper reminicent of grandma's kitchen is small, and the tunes like Volare and When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie take you back. If you come early before 6 you will likely get a table, after that name on a list. I came early and sat at the counter. I ordered the garlic knots, baked clams, eggplant parm platter with Sunday salad. The baked clams are simply divine sauce meant to dip and slurp. Garlic knots are light a little sweet, heavy on the garlic and delish. Eggplant was dry sitting under the broiler way too long where it should have been moist with sauce and cheese like Monte's meatballs and polenta. Sunday salad was authentic with ice-berg, California olives, peppers and a good vinaigrette. Fun spot to relive memories.

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