Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bowery Diner

Upmarket diners are a source of comfort to new fangled New Yorkers seeking better Americana chow. Like the Comfort Diner of yore and "The Diner" on 14th St. to the defunt MWells(Canadian American) upmarket diners offer retro and delicous comfort. Bowery Diner attempts this and accomplishes it somewhat. Retro decor, milkshake machine whirring away, lovely housemade donuts displayed all point to good food. I started with a clam chowder($7) which I later sent back. The expectation of a creamy chowder with potatoes and bacon was met with watery clam broth, overcooked carrots, not potatoes and no flavor. The fried chicken with apple pancake($19) redeemed itself as did the MAC'in mac & cheese($8) The fried chicken which was fried to order was splendid balanced by the sweet apple pancake(fritter) Mac and cheese with it's multi cheesed cheesy crust was delish. Donuts which are $2.50 each are spot on- orange blossom with a lime glaze and chocolate topped are tops. The toilet I used had no paper and one stall was closed- not cute.

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