Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Great Googa Mooga

Imagine two stellar days with some of the most imaginative food around(40% from Brooklyn). Also, imagine the crowds who love these food and music festivals. Googa Mooga brought people from all over the country to Brooklyn in what looked like a carnival with some of the most cutting edge food around plus a beer and wine tent and so much more. Music by the Roots on Saturday and Hall and Oats on Sunday. The toughest part of the Googa Mooga experience was the marathon lines. Of course, if your ticket was free- not so bad, if it was $249 then there is a problem. Champagne tastings, chef talks with Tom Collicho, a book signing- Cooking with Coolio. Foodwise, there was a Pizza Experience, a Sweet Circus, a Burger Experience and Hamagedon. I ate a few things....Northern Fried Chicken from Blue Ribbon Bakery- salty, spicy with Mexican honey. The grilled lobster from Lobster Place was tasty. Meat Hook's housemade dog with sweet/spicy slaw also very tasty. Monica's crawfish over pasta was just ok. The Liddabit sweets from the marketlace- maple cotton candy and homemade maple chocolate caramel corn was clever and orgasmic. So much to try, but lines to long to invest the time. Next year go early, eat fast and leave before the crowds. Otherwise, an amazing event. Next year..... GO!

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