Friday, May 25, 2012


Located on the ground floor of " The Wythe Hotel" in Williamsburg this Tarlow project(Diner, Marlow and Sons) has a big corner dining room with a wood burning oven and open kitchen. This oven is the center piece for the farm to table cooking done here. Bread from Hot Bread Kitchen and housechurned butter- yellow in color sprinkled with sea salt is a treat. Oven roasted olives($3) with herbs are tasty. The sunchoke soup($8) served with creme fraiche is a savory, flavorfull soup and eaten with the bread and butter is even better. My main was the lobster with potato and fava beans($23). Simply served with a champane creme sauce this dish had clean fresh flavor. For dessert, a rhubarb cobbler with housemade ice-cream($10) crowned a "foodgasmic" meal. GoGo!

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