Friday, October 19, 2012

Maison Harlem

Fantastic French newcomer to Harlem. This corner spot exudes charm in a killer space with a colored windowed pane kitchen. The food here is amazing. Hot, house baked bread with butter is served. Addictive hot bread is the perfect complement to the meal. I stuck with a mushroom theme- cream of mushroom soup(soup of the day) and mushroom risotto. The soup was spot on- and a little bread- a hearty starter. The mushroom risotto with veggies and cheese finished with a balsamic glaze was so unusually delicious- unlike Italian risotto- a wicked flavor. Total- $25. Alot, of inventive desserts are on the menu as well like a pina/colada cake- there will be a next time. GO! GO! Uptown baby!

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