Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tavola opened in the Manganarro's Grosseria Itlaliana spot. The signage and old fans are amazing. That is were the amazement ends. The menu here is a bit run of the mill with a lovely pizza oven that unfortunately both undercooked and overcooked my calzone more on that later. My appetizer of pasta fagioli was hearty with nice veggies and al dente pasta plus pancetta- very good. The calzone which I ordered after seeing my table neighbors perfectly cooked version and hearing of the soppresata inside I changed my order to. My calzone big and undercooked arrived sadly. I sad put it back for a second. Big mistake it came out charred and not in a good way. Portions of pasta looked small and the service here was amatuerish. Better off going to Capizzi- Tavola is a... SLOW GO!

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