Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guy American Kitchen and Bar

Guy and Heartland Brewery team up to create a mecca to American comfort albeit a pricey one. Is this farm to table-no, but a fun dining expedition. Creative drinks like the Jack Nog with eggnog of course, Jack, honey, cinnamon tasting like Baily's or Kaluha in a glass. Oysters Malibu with spinach, garlic, onions and lemon baked to a tasty perfection. Chipotle soft tacos also a winner with taste and a little spice. The mains were less inspired.......the Motley Ribs with their galactic glaze were less tasty than they looked and an Argentine hanger lacked flavor. The dessert a fruity parfait called Salted Whiskey Caramel Fool with whiskey and layered strawberries & poundcake was a nice finish. Have fun folks this is a Times Square restaurant not "New Brooklyn" dining. GO!

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