Monday, January 7, 2013

Catfish Bar & Restaurant

While a long walk up fun Franklin, this Cajun joint is a longer one up Nostrand. Best to take the 2/3 or 4/5 to Franklin Ave and walk to Prospect and one block over to Bedford. This nabe once deep in the cut, is undergoing serious changes- check out for more info. At Catfish, with 16 beers on tap you have plenty to choose from and enjoy. I went with a 1/2 of Doc's pear cider- sweet & tasty. The woodsy interior is inviting. I am sometimes confused by Cajun/Creole, but no dispute about the great grub on tap here. Warm cornbread with honey butter tastes very good. The lemon pepper shrimp with Cajun mayonaise is a nice fresh start. The Gumbo File was the star of the show with a rich, dark, dense soup of crab, shrimp and some Andouille sausage for smoky flavor. The vintagey bathrooms with sliding doors held closed with a jimmy-rigged iron piece is mad-cool. The spot was filling up nicely for a Sunday. Would try the Cherries Jubilee next time if I wasn't full from the gumbo. GO!

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