Sunday, January 13, 2013


Ooytoya is a authentic Japanese restaurant, so rare in NY these days. There are Japanese servers, cooks and customs. Ooytoa is a chain in Japan and is uber-popular here in NYC in the Flaticon district. I have eaten here twice for lunch and both times, the place fills up with people of all ages and lots of families. First, you are given a hot towel. The menu is extensive and incorporates Japanese home cooking, yakitori's, dons(bowls) and sushi. I went with fish both times and they are served with quite an assortment of little dishes. The Salmon Saikyo(pictured) is marinaed in sakyo miso and comes with egg custard, rice, radish, yams, seaweed with sweet black beans, Japanese pickles and soup for $18. Every little taste on the serving plate is a treat minus the egg custard(beautifully served, but an aquired taste. The Hokke Yuan or grilled "ootoya" fatty horse mackeral steeped in sweet soy sauce served with ponzu sause is equally tasty. The soup here is so very flavorful and your palate is in for a treat at Ootoya. 8 W. 18th St. MUST GO!

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