Monday, March 25, 2013


Do you like to sing Volare and Mambo Italiano with your meal? This old school throwback with new school updates scores a homerun in the food field though you will pay dearly for the experience. Food comes and comes and comes- starting with lovely parmigiano cut from the wheel, house cut proscuitto and tasty grandma bread. Next comes the bread basket- oofah. They season imported grissini in house and they are great. I ordered diver scallops- Sorrentina style- amazing! Table prepared Ceasar with house croutons was flavorfull. Beef ribs with cherry peppers are juicy and slightly spicy. The standout dish was the creamed escarole. The menu descriptions are limited, but this huge serving of pancetta filled, cheese topped escarole($12) is simply genius. The Torrisi Brothers hit high notes in the former Rocco space. No room for dessert which comes on a dessert cart because I was so stuffed in a good way. The food is a gargantuan family-style feast. Dessert looked a tad pedestrian. GO!

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