Sunday, March 24, 2013

Darling Coffee

Darling Coffee is a coffeshop cum bakery in a spacious sunny shop in Inwood. I saw it on the travel channel and it was worth the trip uptown for it's sumptous baked goods. I went with sweet and savory....starting with a quiche- spinach, artichoke, mushroom and fontina. Dark, perfectly crisped crust, cheesey goodness. The hummingbird cake an amalgam of banana, apricots and hazelnuts was moist and good. The blueberry scone was also quite good. Best brownie in the universe might be here- chocolate with walnuts. Creamy with noticable toasted walnuts was simply divine. Lots of tables that were taken up by singletons on there laptops on Sunday otherwise great seating in the spacious shop. GO! GO!

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