Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Flashy, funloving Fushimi is like Las Vegas meets Williamsburg. It's lunch menu at $12 is an amazing value-period! Add on a beer or wine for $5. You get four courses including a soup, a salad a daily appetizer and either cooked food(teriyaki) or sushi rolls. The rolls here are inventive and yes this is fusion so not actually authentically Japanese, but delicious nonetheless. The salad is big with romaine, radishes and grape tomatoes with generic ginger dressing. Miso soup has noodles and carrots and is fusion style, I have had both the Angry Dragon and Out of Control roll and both are soooo tasty. The Dragon roll has shrimp tempura, avocado, king crab and sweet miso. The Out of Control roll has rock shrimp, wrapped in salmon- outta control. Ice-cream is generic, but at that price- who cares. Walking to the bathroom with it's purple mirrored carnival entrance must be trippy when intoxicated. Fushimi should not be taken seriously- it is a fun spot. GO!

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