Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sweet Chick

Want some Sweet Chick, chicken and waffles are the specialty here and it is a mega popular brunch spot. Now the menu features Southern style food with a nod to chicken with or without waffles. We ordered a bunch of food to share- heirloom tomato salad, collard slaw, mac and cheese and fried chicken and bacon/cheddar waffles. The waffles are a standout- light, airy with great flavor. The chicken on the other hand though dark is over battered and not flavorful. Collard slaw also fared well with lots of tasty bits. Heirloom salad is full of bread crumbs and didn't wow and mac and cheese is lacking a crust. The other food star was the special pineapple/upside down cake, though not as refined as Mayfield's on Franklin it was super tasty with vanilla & a touch of chocolate ice-cream. SLOW GO!

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Rachel B. from LES said...

Oy vey! These pictures are pure torture!! What a cruel and teasing mistress you are!! To us working fools shuttered in our grey offices these colorful and tasty morsels virtually pop out through our monitors--but alas, no such treat can be held, tasted, and placed in our bellies virtually. Please inform ahead of time, so a doggy bag may be obtained!!!