Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maison Kayser

The French have landed on our shores and more Maison's will follow with a new one in Chelsea soon. Eric Kayser trained in France and traveled the globe utilizing French training and natural leavening. The breads and pastries are baked by Frenchmen utilizing French techniques and are impressive. Lunch began with a bag of beautiful breads- baguette, an unusual chestnut bread with walnuts colored by turmeric was a sweet, exotic treat. For savory, I went with a corn soup with feta and tomatoes- a light puree with tasty feta, but a little underseasoned with less than crunchy corn. A hot chocolate was a dense French concoction made more summer-like with requested ice. The citron/milk chocolate cookie tasted like a Madeline more than a cookie, but was delicious nonetheless. Pastries look divine, but in the middle of summer, I must postpone major sampling for awhile. The space is very modern with cramped seating. Still- GO! GO!

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