Sunday, October 6, 2013


Ganso is a mega popular ramen joint in the once bargain land of Downtown Brooklyn. They also have killer Japanese food and a great lunch special for $12. I have been there twice and both times have had the lunch bento plate. The choices all sound great- Tonkatsu, chicken cooked under a brick with a special sauce, wings, but I had the salmon teriyaki both times. The salmon is of high quality with a sauce that is not over-sweet like some of the cheaper joints. The plate, not box is served with a generous and tasty salad, a Japanese yam, seaweed and rice with black sesames. The food here is a welcome respite from the fast food joints in the area. The mega- thrift Unique or huge Goodwill or emptyish Macy's makes Ganso a fun weekend destination if your not brunching. GO!

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