Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hometown Barbecue

Hometown rocks the Red Hook scene with real deal barbecue with a Brooklyn twist. Sunday sandwiches are served on Caputo onion rolls. Pickles from Brooklyn Brine add mega flavor to the said sandwich. At $11 with a mini potato salad, it is a filling enough portion. Add on sides at $4 for even more Americana fun. The beans with pieces of meat is an intense flavor fest- deep red looking like a mole. Creamy mac and cheese and good smokey collards. There is good beer to wash down all that barbecue, I went with a Shiner from Texas- amber, fruity, and tasty. The spot is still not ready for primetime servicewise, but once they are you can expect warehouse sized crowds for slamin' Brooklyn barbecue. GO!

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Anonymous said...

That pork sandwich looks amazing. I can almost taste that sour crisp pickle crunching. Red hook is not even close to my area, but a venture out might be in store!