Thursday, February 20, 2014

M. Wells Steakhouse

Inside an old garage lies the latest M. Wells incarnation. A lush, lavish spot with wallpapered ceilings and chandaliers. An open kitchen and otherwise nicely spaced seating await those with reservations, otherwise a spot at the bar is available. On tap beers from Rockaway Brewery are available for $6 and mine was lovely- love the local brew. Service starts with a pretzel roll and plain rolls from TomCat Bakery. Good rolls, but I thought they would do their own bread. A ceasar salad was laden with parmesan and a hint of anchovy. I wasn't wild about the ceasar. Better was the East Coast oysters chock full of flavor. The main courses though did not disappoint- Beef butter for $25 with a side of Bernaise and aligot for $10. The beef butter is a fatty piece of Kobe beef cooked perfectly medium rare. It is a small, but loud piece of steak, not gluttonous- just the right amount. Cheesy French style mashed potatoes were the perfect accompaniment. Also, rocking here was dessert, housemade chocolate and caramel were the perfect finish to an exciting meal. GO!

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Sounds nice!