Sunday, July 10, 2016

Gabriel Kreuther

Stunningly sensuous spectacular dining experience. It says French on Yelp, but this is Alsatian food very German influenced. The main dining room is a sophisticated room with round creme. Banquettes and a few artfully placed pillows. This meal was stellar. Ate: Two course savory $52 plus desert $16 plus wine $15 Lunch Dorade with green tomato marmalade w/ coriander fennel foam Young organic poussin w/ licorice jus Decadent blackberry over chocolate mouse & milk chocolate w/ caramel glaze The foods starts coming and doesn't stop. Amuse bouche looks like a beach scene with umbrellas & coconut mango cold soup. The kugelof w/ scallions & fromage blanc is a mix of cake & bread kind of like a brioche. That's the first bread course. The dorade with its foamy top is lick the bowl amazing. The poussin was very good & loved the licorice jus. Second bread was whole wheat ficelle with cultured butter. Dessert was a work of art & the special milk chocolate mousse with caramel was bananas. Not finished, a coconut shell with house made stunning chocolates arrived. #PUREPLEASURE #PERIOD!

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