Monday, August 1, 2016

Gristmill rolls into the 5th Ave line up with serious chef cred. Jake was pastry chef at two big players- Gramercy Tavern & Union Square Cafe. The attention to detail and farm focus knocks this local spot into the big leagues. A fab imported Italian wood burning oven cooks the pizza and roasts the meats and fish. I thought the menu was pizza focused, but is more shareable smaller plates. There is also a flour awareness- utilizing different flours for cooking pizza and breads something I'm personally really into now thanks to Zak the Baker(Miami) & Brooklyn Bread Lab(Bushwick) Ate: Summer squash soup Casio e pepe garlic knot Roasted Pork shoulder Total: $38 The garlic knot made with wheat bread is topped with Grana Padano is hot crunchy & savory. The soup is so fine pureed with crunchy root veg to pick & play with. The pork shoulder with yogurt & mint blew my mind- roasted perfectly pink inside with a little Mediterranean.action it's outside char with the flavor combo was orgasmic. The open kitchen was where I watched the culinary magic, I would imagine their buttermilk blueberry pie is outstanding, maybe next time. Love the Keith Haring sink in the Lou btw. Brooklyn you lucky.

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