Monday, August 22, 2011

Salt and Fat

A temple to salt, pork and general fat. This long and pretty restauratn is very popular and an interesting spot along busy Queens Boulevard. Bacon popcorn(pictured) starts the service. This treat is highly addictive and you will find yourself asking for more and friendly servers will oblige. Our Queens dinner group ordered a bunch of dishes and shared. The plates are considered small which portion sizes are reasonable and so are prices with most under $12. Started with the cesar salad with runny egg and lots of house cured bacon. Delish. Lobster salad with pieces of orange and grapefruit was just ok. The signature crack and cheese was a gooey concoction of fried gnocchi, bechamel and more bacon- rich. Best were the meatball of veal. pork and beef in a spicy tomato sauce. The pork sliders pictured with some sweet spicy sauce on brioche with pickle was decadent. Dessert was rice crispy treats with marshmallow ice-cream. #7 train to 40 street takes you right there. 41-15 Queens Blvd.

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